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Roses Free Meals

We have had the information below confirmed by Mr Richard Kane - meaning that our children can also benefit from his gesture of kindness: 


"Following the Government’s announcement that they will not be supporting childrens' free meals during half term (unless they have a change of heart) we would like to offer any family in our community that is need of hot food during half term for their children a free meal. This is either to be collected or to eat in our covid-secure venue between 12pm and 7pm daily.

> Please note if eating in, we do not require parents to eat at the same time.

> To order your childrens hot food call us on 01427 370109 or direct message us and we will prepare for you in advance.”


We think this is an incredible gesture by Richard and his team and I'm sure many of our families will benefit from his generosity and kindness. It is so important that people in the community like Richard and Marcus Rashford can support families and highlight issues during these difficult times.