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At Blyton cum Laughton Church of England Primary School we aim to educate the children by providing a broad and balanced Reading-Inspired Curriculum.  Our aim is to translate the requirements of the National Curriculum into positive learning opportunities for all our pupils, and in many cases, through inspiring picture books, novels, non-fiction and graphic novels. In addition, we aim to access to inspiring visitors and provide opportunities to experience exciting visits linked to our learning.

During each term in Years 1 to 6 the children explore, in depth, a key book; this is generally used as the class reading book in Key Stage 2. To support this book, we then dip into a range of other texts which link to the curriculum areas we are studying. It's like the main actor/actress in a film being ably supported by the supporting cast. Throughout each term we discover a wider range of books which may help teachers to deliver learning in other aspects of their journey, like PSHE, for example. 

This journey is displayed in every classroom so that children and visitors can always see the focus texts of each term. 




Inspired by words and illustrations, the main driver of content through our Reading-Inspired Curriculum are our six BcL Inspirational Themes: Diversity, Leadership (including Monarchy and Conflict), Exploration, Innovation & Progress (including a local focus on Agriculture), Care and Protection and Creativity .


To support these themes we have identified key figures from history to the present day who children will learn about through each year of their curriculum. We call this the BcL Extraordinary Lives. These Extraordinary Lives are split into six categories: Figures of Faith, Leaders, Explorers, Innovators, Carers and Creators. They each link closely to our six BcL Christian Values of Friendship, Trust, Courage, Thankfulness, Compassion and Hope and back to the BcL Inspirational Themes. 


There is a clear link between our Inspirational Themes, our Extraordinary Lives and our Christian Values.