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A Very Warm BcL Welcome

"More like a school that happens to be in a library."

Author, Shane Hegarty


Welcome everyone, 

As the Headteacher of Blyton cum Laughton Church of England Primary School, I am delighted to welcome you to our website. I hope that you find the information helpful, interesting and engaging as you browse through the contents. 


Leading the school has been a privilege since my arrival in 2016, culminating in two very successful Ofsted inspections in 2018 and November 2023 and the 2017 SIAMs inspection. 


The wonderful, highly committed team at the school work industriously all year round and with children at the heart of every decision we make. The children of BcL are truly inspiring and we are so grateful for having the opportunity to play such an important role in their lives. We are proud to be part of this community and recognise the vital role we play in educating our children and supporting our families. 


Over the last seven years we have created opportunities to develop closer links with parents, carers, the wider community and our neighbouring schools and I know from the feedback received during that time that the work we have put into building a community feel is appreciated. We are looking forward to continuing to work alongside all of you to ensure every child who arrives at the school is provided with the very best education, enabling them to move onto the next step of their journey with confidence whilst developing their social, spiritual and emotional intelligence along the way. As figures of faith, our children will walk in the light of Christ, with the school Christian Values of Friendship, Courage, Hope, Thankfulness Compassion and Trust guiding them along the way. 


With our six Christian Values threaded through our Christian ethos and working in tandem with our fantastic BcL Reading-Inspired Curriculum we believe we are providing an exciting and broad education for the children of Blyton, Laughton and the surrounding villages. 


I do hope that you will join with us to enjoy a fantastic school year and celebrate every single child in our school.  I look forward to meeting you all again. 


Kind regards






Mr Duke


Footnote from my arrival:

As an avid reader, I was delighted to discover original letters and a signed photograph from the children's author Enid Blyton hidden away in the cupboards. The letters are addressed to the children of the school in 1961 and a copy is now displayed in the entrance area of the Blyton site. I was interested to read that Enid's ancestors may have influenced the naming of the village of Blyton itself. I was a huge fan of the author as a child and perhaps fate had a say in where I would end up! Look out for the display at the Blyton site. We have had the pleasure of hosting Reading Rocks at the school and over 25 authors have now visited the school in person or via Zoom. Truly inspirational.


Quotes from our parent survey

'Our experience of schooling hasn't been the norm but despite this we couldn't be happier.'

'Everything you do has helped my child settle in to school life, he loves coming and has progressed so much already.'

 'The new Reading Curriculum is great. I like how you link all the areas of learning.'


Quotes from visitors

"To walk into Karl's office (which any pupil can do) and discover that half of it is dedicated to a book-filled reading space perfectly illustrates the school's commitment to reading for pleasure - reading to illuminate and inspire, not just as a tool for learning. Books are everywhere; writing projects cover the walls. Reading is at the heart of the school's ethos and, effortlessly or so it seems, is part of everyday life for the children." GUY BASS, AUTHOR


'The adults in your school show such respect to the children; they help, support and nurture them more than any other school I've been in. In turn, the children respect them." TEACHER, BGU


"Blyton is an extraordinary school, reading for pleasure at its core. It seems that every classroom and corridor is designed to promote reading and stories. Every teacher and child advocates for books. The breadth and the passion for books, magazines and other words is palpable." TOM PALMER, AUTHOR


Quotes from our February 2018 Ofsted Inspection

'In September 2016 you joined the school as the headteacher. You are a motivated and dynamic leader.' 

'The staff team is highly engaged in school improvement.'

'Together, we saw how pupils were highly engaged in their learning.'

'Pupils are confident and self-assured because they are given a range of opportunities to develop their personal, spiritual, social and academic skills.'

'Staff at Blyton cum Laughton are proud to be part of the school. They feel well supported by you and feel the school is a positive place to be.'

'Parents and carers speak highly of your leadership and the care shown by staff.'