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Testimonials: What do people think of our school?



'I just wanted to pop an email together to thank you all for the fantastic job you are all doing and hearing from many parents the same too. 

Class Dojo is fantastic and the teachers are always so helpful and quick to respond. I can fully appreciate how difficult this is with all Dojo messages and teaching in school.

The communication with yourselves and parents has been great and I just wanted to thank you and say what a fantastic job you are all doing and thank you for all your continued support. I just wanted to let you know we parents really appreciate everything you are doing.'

Parent of children at both sites. 


'Thank you so much to all staff and teachers. It (ClassDojo) is making a huge difference for us during this new lockdown.'

Parent of child at KS2


'Your staff are definitely going above and beyond, answering messages at all times of the day! I hope they're making sure they get some down time too! You're all working so hard right now.'

Parent of child at KS2


'I just wanted to take this opportunity to tell you what a fantastic job you are all doing. 

I can't imagine how hard it must be trying to juggle in school and home learning, along with everything else it takes to run a school, even without Covid and all the extra that brings too. 

We are finding home learning fun, interesting and easily navigable. After sitting with ____ for a week or two, she understands the format better and is getting into a routine, which means I can leave her to it a bit more. 

The communication we are receiving from school is more than adequate, considering the teacher pretty much has two jobs. Class Dojo is a very good tool. Feedback is excellent.' 

Parent of a child at KS2


'Thank you to you and all your staff for everything you do, not only for the children but to reassure us parents too. You have shown grace, diplomacy and real leadership and more importantly that you genuinely care, in unprecedented times and I know I for one and my children will never forget that.' 

Parent of children in KS2


'Thank you for all your hard work and for your genuine care for all the children. I have always found the teachers supportive towards me, especially during the first lockdown. You're all amazing. Thank you.' 

Parent of a child in KS2




"To walk into Karl's office (which any pupil can do) and discover that half of it is dedicated to a book-filled reading space perfectly illustrates the school's commitment to reading for pleasure - reading to illuminate and inspire, not just as a tool for learning. Books are everywhere; writing projects cover the walls. Reading is at the heart of the school's ethos and, effortlessly or so it seems, is part of everyday life for the children." GUY BASS, AUTHOR


'The adults in your school show such respect to the children; they help, support and nurture them more than any other school I've been in. In turn, the children respect them." TEACHER, BGU


"Blyton is an extraordinary school, reading for pleasure at its core. It seems that every classroom and corridor is designed to promote reading and stories. Every teacher and child advocates for books. The breadth and the passion for books, magazines and other words is palpable." TOM PALMER, AUTHOR




'In September 2016 you joined the school as the headteacher. You are a motivated and dynamic leader.' 

'The staff team is highly engaged in school improvement.'

'Together, we saw how pupils were highly engaged in their learning.'

'Pupils are confident and self-assured because they are given a range of opportunities to develop their personal, spiritual, social and academic skills.'

'Staff at Blyton cum Laughton are proud to be part of the school. They feel well supported by you and feel the school is a positive place to be.'

'Parents and carers speak highly of your leadership and the care shown by staff.'