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FINANCE: Childcare Offer


Childcare offers for parents

Over a million families in the UK are entitled to support with the costs of childcare from the government, but many don’t realise that they’re eligible. By utilising the different offers, parents and carers with children aged 0–16 could get financial support worth thousands of pounds.


Along with the usual types of childcare (e.g. childminders and nurseries) the support packages can be used across many different types of providers, such as:


  • Holiday activity clubs
  • School wraparound care
  • Extracurricular clubs such and sports, drama, and music tuition
  • Religious settings, i.e. Jewish yeshivas and chedarim, Muslim madrassahs and Christian Sunday schools

Visit the Childcare Choices website and check you are not missing out on the support you may be entitled to.  Click on the link below or copy and paste into your browser.