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Year 4/5: Fig Class Mrs Geraghty

Home Learning KS2


From this week new Home Learning will be accessible on the school website.  Each Friday there will be new learning added including weekly Maths, Reading, Spelling and Writing tasks and a learning project for the children to work through.  There will also be a paper Home Learning pack produced for those who are unable to access the internet and these will be available for parents to pick up from school on a Friday morning if required.  Mrs Fernandez will be available to discuss any issues that you may encounter with the Home Learning on the following Monday/Tuesday of each week. 

Spirals and Snails Artwork

Spirals and Snails Artwork 1

Darrell Wakelam's Cardboard Projects

Darrell Wakelam's Cardboard Projects 1
Darrell Wakelam's Cardboard Projects 2

Home Learning for Year 5 Fig Children 1.6.20

Home Learning for Year 4 Fig Children 1.6.20

Hello my lovely Figs
I hope that you are all well and are enjoying your current way of life as much as you can. Please do not feel under pressure to do the work that I’ve put on the website. I think it’s very important that you are happy in yourselves and with your surroundings. It might be that some days you just want to be you and have that day for what you’d like to do and that is okay!
Last week it was my turn again to be in school and look after the key worker children. Our theme was ‘praying for key workers’ so we created stained glass churches using tissue paper and black card, we painted superheroes and created some colourful lettering to match. We’ve displayed them on the Blyton site railing so if you are having a family walk with your household take a look.
This Friday celebrates a very important day in British history and would have been a Bank Holiday had we have been at school. It is VE Day and celebrates 75 years since World War 2 ended. We need to be thankful for the bravery of all those people that lost their lives trying to ensure that we could be free and commemorating the date will be something that you always remember.
Where I live on Friday, we are being encouraged to sit in our front gardens at 3pm and have a tea party. All of our neighbours have been asked to do the same so that we are all celebrating on our streets together but not together because of social distancing – a bit like when we clap for key workers on a Thursday at 8pm. The weather forecast points to it being a gloriously sunny day.
I’m hoping that there will be some flour on the weekly supermarket trip as I would like to bake some cakes and maybe colour some little flags to go on top with cocktail sticks. This week, why don’t you plan a garden party? Maybe you could make some bunting with paper and felt tips to decorate the front of your home or garden? Create a menu of your dream party food...
I’ve written a poem about two little visitors we have in our garden. Perhaps you could produce a poem about something you’ve noticed over the last few weeks?
I looked into the garden
And saw the cutest birds
A pair they flew in tandem

They tweeted out their words
Their feathers weren’t just golden

But red, white, black and brown

As tiny as the robin
They flee from those around
These little aviators
Don’t fly that far away

They’re hidden in the bushes
But visit everyday
They sip our nice fresh water

They peck the tiny crumbs

And every time they do this

They flash their little bums
Their strong and vibrant colours

The fluttery way they fly
Is magic that surrounds us
And punctuates the sky
By Mrs Geraghty

April 20th - Letter from Mrs Geraghty:


Hello Fig Class


We are into our fifth week away from the daily school structure and I hope you are all finding new and enjoyable ways to live your lives. This unprecedented phase in our existence gives us the chance to take time to wonder, to think about what we might like to do or what we find interesting instead of the same things we’ve always done or are frustrated that we can no longer do.


As you know, I’ve been putting more energy into exercising and observing nature. The weather has been extraordinarily helpful with having had beautiful blue skies, long spells of sunshine and, in general, good temperatures. The brightness just helps you feel a little happier on the inside which is enhanced by the colourful spring flowers that are blooming like bluebells.


This week, I’d like you to think about patterns. Are they restricted to just geometry, numbers or the designs of wallpapers and fabrics? If you look carefully, you’ll find that there are lots of patterns in life from simple ones such as, sunset and sunrise or the regularity of mealtimes, the repetition of exercise movements on both sides of the body or the seasons as we move across the year. Over the last five weeks, I’ve noticed the pattens and routines of garden birds as they go about their lives.


If you observe carefully, you will hear the different calls and birdsong at points in the day as well as the height levels and circuits that they fly within. You might notice how the birds are territorial now that their chicks are hatching. In our garden, we seem to have two families of blackbirds and as one of the males has distinctive white speckles around his eyes, they are easy to distinguish from one another. The males chase each other in the same pattern and fly in a loop of movements trying to claim and reclaim the garden before they sneak back later and repeat the process.


We are lucky to have some blue tits nesting in our bird box. It’s fascinating watching the parents fly back and forth foraging for food to keep their young healthy. It’s also interesting to see how many other birds happily live alongside each other taking turns to drink from the bird bath, visit the bird feeder or even tolerate the pigeons sitting on their dinner in the birdseed tray!


So, this week look around your home, garden, street, the television channels or stories in books. What patterns can you find? Why do you think life is full of patterns? How do they help us? I’m sure Mr Duke would love to see any photos, observations or work that you take/make/do.


Remember to stay safe, appreciate your loved ones and be thankful for all that you have around you.




Mrs Geraghty

A Letter from Mrs Geraghty: 


Happy Easter Fig Class


I hope that you’re all well and enjoying your time at home whilst you are safe with your families.

Last week I told you about my journey with Joe Wicks whilst trying his daily workout at 9am on his YouTube channel, The Body Coach. I hope that some of you did manage to do some exercise and create your own routines. Despite it being an effort, exercise can make you feel really happy and it will certainly make you healthier!

This week, it has been my turn to work in school and look after the key worker children. Key workers are the people who make sure that we have essential services to keep life as normal as possible. Have you thought about what kind of jobs key workers might do? They aren’t just the invaluable doctors and nurses that we hear about on the news saving patients who are very poorly, but cleaners, receptionists, bus, lorry and train drivers, bin men and people that work in power stations so that we have electricity, clean running water, gas for heating and cooking and IT people that keep telecommunications and the internet working. They also include the police, prison officers, people that work in food shops, pharmacies and petrol stations, delivery couriers who bring food and parcels, the postal service so that we still get cards, letters and online shopping, people that work in care homes, scientists working on a vaccine, plus teachers, teaching assistants and so many more.

For the last two Thursdays at 8pm, households up and down the country have been coming out of their front doors (staying at a safe distance from their neighbours) to clap as a thank you to all the key workers. Maybe you could stand out and clap on Thursdays.  It’s a really lovely thing to do and feels amazing when you see your neighbours standing and doing the same thing. We might not have the power to defeat Coronavirus because we aren’t medical professionals, but we can make our world a nicer place to live in by thinking of others’ and being thankful for all that we have.

Maybe this week, you could choose a key working profession and write a thank you letter. You could say what you understand their job to be, what it means to you or your family and what you hope for them for the future. If you are able to, you could take a photo of it and email it to Mr Duke to remind him of just how thoughtful and caring Fig Class are.

I hope you have a lovely Easter weekend, stay safe and remember to stay at home and protect lives!


Mrs Geraghty


P.S. – There are some decorations hanging on the handrail at school if you are having a short walk with your family for exercise!

Hello and welcome to Fig!

For information about our learning, please click on the 'Reading-Inspired Curriculum' tab under Key Information.

Here's a few additional pieces of information for you:


In Maths, we will be using a range of fluency and reasoning tasks with the aim of achieving mastery in Place Value and Number. The children will be learning to understand and recognise the value of every numerical digit, to find more or less than a given number, to compare numbers and solve practical problems. We will also cover rounding, interpreting negative numbers and Roman Numerals as well as securing addition and subtraction using column method consistently and accurately.


Times Table Superheroes…Fig Class will be undertaking the three minute daily maths challenge! Each week the children will focus on a particular times table (from 3-12 and sometimes two combined) to complete as many calculations as they can. The calculations can be in column or sentence format and as multiplication, division (the inverse of multiplication) or a mixture of the two. The concept is that the children challenge themselves to know their times tables off by heart leading to faster recall when using factors increasing their mathematic fluency and ability. This is also important preparation for children in Year 4 as the government will be rolling out their new Times Table test later this year.


In English we will be developing our knowledge and application of Speech, Punctuation and Grammar (SPaG) in accordance with the National Curriculum guidelines. 


Spelling will be based on ‘spelling families’ eg –augh, –tious with the children developing their understanding of vocabulary using definitions as it is important that children have the ability to use synonyms and realise the power of our language and semantics.


Please encourage your children to read a wide range of books at home and nurture a love of reading for pleasure by talking about and sharing what they are reading.


Visit for all KS2 subjects

  • PE Days for Fig are Wednesdays and Fridays
  • Swimming starts on Monday 4 November 2019
  • Always ensure your child brings their PE kit on Monday and leaves it at school until Friday when it can be taken home to be washed. Thank you.
  • Children should bring their reading book(s) everyday into school and do please ask your child’s teacher if your child requires additional books to read. Although the child may have a reading record book, there is no expectation that these are completed by the class teacher or teaching assistants. They are provided to enable communication about the child’s reading between parent/carer and class teacher if needed. Do not feel the need to comment yourself daily.
  • Homework is now limited to reading, spelling and times tables. Homework should be completed in short focused bursts – we know that it can become stressful and if we can support you in any way, please let your child’s class teacher know. In addition, if you have any problems accessing TTRockStars or SpellingShed do contact us.


A list of brilliant books that explore lots of different themes that you and your child could share together.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4

Award winners, author visits and loving learning in Fig

Award winners, author visits and loving learning in Fig  1 BcL500 award winners
Award winners, author visits and loving learning in Fig  2 Enjoying Steve Bowkett's stories
Award winners, author visits and loving learning in Fig  3 Inspired by the power of stories
Award winners, author visits and loving learning in Fig  4 Interpreting Christian art
Award winners, author visits and loving learning in Fig  5 Year 5 winners
Award winners, author visits and loving learning in Fig  6 Receiving awards

Making Volcanoes! (see above for the final results)

Making Volcanoes! (see above for the final results) 1
Making Volcanoes! (see above for the final results) 2
Making Volcanoes! (see above for the final results) 3
Making Volcanoes! (see above for the final results) 4
Making Volcanoes! (see above for the final results) 5
Making Volcanoes! (see above for the final results) 6
Making Volcanoes! (see above for the final results) 7

Author Steve Bowkett sharig techniques with Fig children

Still image for this video