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Pupil Voice & Pupil Surveys

"I love school. Everybody really helps me and at my last school I got into lots of trouble." C 


"Art is my favourite subject. I am proud of what I have achieved this year." E 


"This school is brilliant. I love coming to school now." K 


"I love my new class. I think I have improved this year in writing because I used to write an 1/8 of a page, now I write about a 1/4." K 


"I think PE has improved since Mr Johnson came because we play sports like tennis and basketball." L 


"The librarians are helping me to read. How can I become a librarian?" J 


"I liked doing about volcanoes because it was fun and exciting. Mr Johnson is good at PE because he is great at tennis and table tennis." H


"I liked Children in Need. The whole school raised £220.55 and we decorated the school in spots. I think I have improved my writing this year. The librarians are the ones who got me to start improving my reading." C


"I think that I have improved my maths and my handwriting. Learning about volcanoes was amazing." C


"In my class we made volcanoes and we erupted them. It was fun but now they smell of vinegar!" E


"The library is very comfortable and the people are very kind." E


"The library is a nice place to relax and read or choose a book. The library has improved and now has super librarians." Z