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"I love my new class. I think I have improved this year in writing because I used to write an 1/8 of a page, now I write about a 1/4." Theodore


"I think PE has improved since Mr Johnson came because we play sports like tennis and basketball."


"I think PE has ben way better this year because of Mr Johnson and I've learnt more things." Monty


"I liked doing about volcanoes because it was fun and exciting. Mr Johnson is good at PE because he is great at tennis and table tennis." Holly


"Grace and Jonah are inspiring people to read as librarians."


"I liked Children in Need. The whole school raised £220.55 and we decorated the school in spots. I think I have improved my writing this year. The librarians are the ones who got me to start improving my reading." Caitlin


"I think that I have improved my maths and my handwriting. Learning about volcanoes was amazing." Chloe


"In my class we made volcanoes and we erupted them. It was fun but now they smell of vinegar!" Emma


"The librarians are making sure if we read the books we choose we get a bookmark. We all want to say thank you for raising £220.55 for Children in Need." Ashleigh


"The library is very comfortable and the people are very kind." Ellie


"The library is a nice place to relax and read or choose a book. The library has improved and now has super librarians." Zarna





Pupil Survey Oct 2016 (Blyton site only - Laughton to be completed)

September 23rd

The children in Year 6 have been expressing their views about the changes to the school this September: 


Georgia  - "The way Mr Duke has smartened the school makes it welcoming."


Alex  - "I think the new website's better because the last one was bland and boring, but this one is new and exciting."


Jamie - "I love the new website because it's much more organised and better than the old one."


Lottie - "I think the new website is very creative and interesting."


Eve - "I think the website is better because  it has all the information about the school which is good for people looking for a new school."


Iona - "Mr Duke has made the new website a bright and interesting thing to look at."


Erin  - " The changes Mr Duke and the staff did makes the school look better and more fun."


Chloe - "I think that the website is going to be better because it is modern."