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Remote Learning

In this section we have included resources which you may find useful to use at home if your child is in key stage 1 or 2. They included talk and writing activities which could be used if your child has completed their remote learning or they may support that learning. The resources may require some adult input but a number of our older children will be able to use them independently. 


Below you will find:  

  1. Film Talk for Writing (for KS1 and KS2) 
  2. Language Prompt Cards (for KS1 and KS2)
  3. Synonym Circles (KS1 and KS2) 
  4. Inspiring Images (a powerpoint of activities inspired by film images for Rec to Y6) 


1. Film Talk for Writing: 

These slides show a short extract from a film broken up into many images. 

Here are some ideas that you could do with your child: 


  • Talk with your child about what they can see in each image
  • What colours can you see? 
  • What are the people or animals doing? 
  • What is happening in the story as you put the images together?
  • What is being said by the characters? Write some speech or thought bubbles.
  • Before looking at the next page, predict what will happen next. 
  • Write a word or a sentence to go with each image. 
  • Write the story to match the images. 
  • Draw the next scene after the last image.




2. Language Prompt Cards

These cards are designed to help children understand the meaning of some of the words we use in Literacy sessions, like 'simile' or 'adverb'. If your child is writing, you may find them useful to have onscreen or on the table in front of them. They may help you to find other examples when you are reading with your child or think of other alternatives when writing. 

3. Synonym Circles 

Synonym Circles is a resource that can be used to find a range of words with a similar meaning - a synonym. Again, these could be used onscreen to refer to or printed off for table-top use. They are really useful to encourage children to learn new words in their writing. 

4. Inspiring Images