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#Illustration2Creation No. 1

#Illustration2Creation is all about using an illustration from a picture book to inspire lots of activities that could be created at home. I have tried to include resources that you may have at home, but appreciate at this time you may struggle to get hold of some. You may also think of ideas of your own.


The first image is from Linda Sarah and Ben Mantle's brilliant 'Tom's Magnificent Machines'. You don't need to own the book or even know the story, the ideas are just triggered from the picture you can see. 


  • Design a rollercoaster based on a theme
  • Build a rollercoaster using recycled materials/paper/lego
  • Watch rollercoaster rides on YouTube
  • Sit in the bath tub and imagine being on a ride.
  • Wear clothes for every season in 15 minutes.(Tidy up after!)
  • Design a theme park on paper - based on a book,film or TV show 
  • Create a leaflet for the theme park 
  • Find out where the fastest/tallest/longest rides are in the world
  • Plan a day out for the future at a theme park 
  • Imagine each room in your house/garden is a different ride
  • Ask your relations on the phone what rides they have been on and ask them to describe what it was like. Write it down.
  • Research theme parks in this country.
  • Make a film of you at the front of a ride!
  • Design a ride for a 6 or 12 year old.