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#Illustration2Creation Issue 2

Hello - here is the second issue of #Illustration2Creation. 

A reminder that these are ideas based on an illustration from a picture book that children could try at home. I have tried to include activities which most children could access and suggest resources that may be available at home. 

Issue 2 is based on the incredible 'The Arrival' by Shaun Tan. It is a wordless graphic novel about a family who need to escape their life in one country to make a new life in another. 


- Sketch a photograph you have using one colour - a brown to make it look old?

- Design a futuristic clock and make it out of cardboard (the triangular topped object on the left is a clock!) 

- Use origami to create creatures

- Play old card games with your family

- Make an unusual pet from plasticine and create a short animation to show it move

- Design and make a fruit salad dish for your family - could you use an unusual fruit too?

- Write instructions for looking after your pet

- Open an exhibition of your drawings and paintings entitled 'My Family and I'

- Ask members of your family what their favourite objects are and put them together on a shelf/mantelpiece

- Make flowers from coloured paper

- Recreate this scene, take a sepia photo of it or take photos of each other. Use filters to age them

- Eat at least one meal together around a table

- For fun, dress up as someone different in your family 

- Learn to make a simple meal for your family 

- Imagine this scene in colour - draw it in the way you imagine it to look

- Which country would you like to live in when you are older - research it and make a information leaflet about it including the places you would most like to visit. 


Hope you enjoy trying these ideas. 

Mr Duke