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Covid-19 Update


As of Sunday 15th March, there is no change to the guidance given to schools regarding the Coronavirus. 

The guidance from the DfE is as follows: 


'To support the delay of the spread of the virus, the Department for Health and Social Care has asked anyone who shows certain symptoms to stay at home for 7 days, regardless of whether they have travelled to affected areas. This means that people should stay at home and avoid all essential contact with others for 7 days from the point of displaying mild symptoms, to slow the spread of infection. 

The symptoms are: 

- A high temperature (37.8 degrees and above)

- A new, continuous cough' 


If you feel that your child may be showing the signs of virus please follow the guidance above. Children who do show potential signs of the virus will be given a 'y' code in the register meaning they are 'unable to attend due to exceptional circumstances'. 


Please note that children who are kept off school because parents/carers are worried about the virus will be classed as an unauthorised absence. 


For the near future, community events in school will be reduced significantly in order to help delay the potential impact of the virus. Celebration Worship will take place but we will not be inviting families to attend. After talking to Reverend Mark, the Easter Service has been cancelled as we are aware that they are often attended by the most vulnerable in our communities. The Easter Crafternoon is also cancelled for the same reason. 


We do not take these decisions lightly as the events are so important to us, but we feel it is better to be cautious at this incredibly challenging time. 


In the coming weeks we do expect the virus to impact on the school through staff and pupil absence due to the need for self-isolation. With this in mind we are putting together a continuity plan for when this occurs to enable us to stay open as long as possible. We will await further official guidance regarding any possible school closures which have been mentioned as a possibility today in the media. 


If you do come into school in the forthcoming days, please use the hand sanitiser available in the entrance at each site. 


Thank you for your understanding. We need to work together to ensure our children and families are as safe as possible. 

Mr Duke