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Children, this is a letter for you.

Dear children – the SUPERSTARS of BcL,


Ever since I first arrived at Blyton cum Laughton Church of England Primary School you have continually surprised me with your talents, your courage and your kindness. Every day you make me so proud. The fact is, you are the reason why I absolutely love my job and cannot wait to come into school every day. I know everyone in the school feels exactly like me too.


The last few weeks in school have been very unusual and I am no longer surprised by how wonderful you are at following instructions, taking care of your friends and showing great compassion too. You have been asked to wash your hands a lot – I know it seems like you have spent all day washing your hands – and done so without any fuss. You have even been reminding other people to wash their hands and follow those new rules. Thank you so much for doing that.


You know that it may be some time until we are all back together again in our lovely school. During that time you will spend lots of time at home with your family. Enjoy being out in the garden, enjoy picking up and book and relaxing as you explore exciting worlds, enjoy playing games, kicking a ball against a wall and singing and dancing. I know, because I know you so well, that you will all show that kindness and care when your family need kindness and care.  I know you will help out when people need help. I know because I HAVE FAITH IN YOU.


Your teacher is giving you a learning pack to keep you busy and we can’t wait to see how well you do. Don’t worry if you don’t understand something – we just want you to try. Look at the school website too. On there we have put lots of sites or apps that you could use to keep up your learning. You have all been doing so well in school, so do try to complete some learning every day – that would be brilliant and will help you when we come back. I am putting a timetable on the website which will help you plan how each day could look. It includes learning and time to relax.


For those who are using TTRockStars, I wonder how quick you will get before I see you again. You know how much I love books. How many books can you read while you are at home? I’m aiming for the 20 in 2020! Go on – see if you can beat me!


Children, you make me proud and you make me smile. All the time. In the next few weeks I know you will make your family proud and make them smile too. 


Mr Duke