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A letter to all

Good morning, everyone - 

As I write the sun is out again which will hopefully give us all the opportunity to get some fresh air today. I know during this time we are balancing the extra time we have with our children, with the restrictions that are in place for our movements. Like many of you I will be using Facetime or Zoom to speak to loved ones miles away, including my daughter, as it may be the only chance to see them until we reach the summer months. Times are challenging. 


Every single one of us is in a new place at the moment. One which I hope is a once in a lifetime place. We are all facing challenges which are testing us and will continue to do so over the coming weeks and months. I want you to know that the whole team at BcL are thinking about you and praying for you. We recognise how things may have changed for you personally and you are in our thoughts daily. When we finally return to school we will do all we can to regroup and continue to be the focal point of the community. 


We don't want the learning at home to become a major issue for you either. Stress at this time is no good for anyone. It would be great if every day you did a bit of maths and writing to keep the basic skills going and I would love to hear about how much you are reading together as a family. Losing yourself in a book is definitely recommended and exploring the worlds within them is one way of leaving the endless media coverage behind. I've just finished reading Alastair Chisholm's 'Orion Lost' about a group of children stranded in space in the future. They had to learn to survive in a 'new normal' and for those hours reading it was good to escape our 'new normal'.

There will be days when you may just need to leave the learning. That's fine too; we will all do what we need to do to get through this time. 


Anything we do post on the website is just a bit of help, something for you to explore and hopefully make use of the spare time, but we are all different and how you choose to plan the day is completely the choice of each of you. 


Please take care everyone and Stay Safe. 


Mr Duke