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Happy Caring Achieving 1 Caring for our school
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Quotes from children who completed their journey at Blyton Cum Laughton CE PrimarySchool in 2017

"I really enjoyed KS1 because the teachers were really nice to us. Since KS1, I have grown massively in confidence. The teachers work with you, at your own pace, so you can learn independently. They help you build up your confidence in yourself. " Iona, Clover.

"I've enjoyed my time at Blyton cum Laughton. I've been here nearly seven years of my life. I love this school and all the teachers because they look after us." Jamie, Clover.


Quotes from our February 2018 Ofsted Inspection

'In September 2016 you joined the school as the headteacher. You are a motivated and dynamic leader.' 

'The staff team is highly engaged in school improvement.'

'Together, we saw how pupils were highly engaged in their learning.'

'Pupils are confident and self-assured because they are given a range of opportunities to develop their personal, spiritual, social and academic skills.'

'Staff at Blyton cum Laughton are proud to be part of the school. They feel well supported by you and feel the school is a positive place to be.'

'Parents and carers speak highly of your leadership and the care shown by staff.'




On behalf of the governing body and as the Headteacher of Blyton cum Laughton Church of England School, I am delighted to welcome you to our website. We have had over 12000 visits in eighteen months and we know from feedback that the website is being used regularly now by parents, carers and the children. I hope that you find the information helpful, interesting and engaging as you browse through the contents. We will continue to develop the site and would be delighted to take on board any ideas you may have to improve it further. The quotes above, from children in our 2016/17 Clover class, are so important; they completed their journey at the school last year and their views of that journey paint a perfect picture of our ethos and vision.


Leading the school has been a privilege since my arrival in 2016, culminating in a very successful Ofsted (Spring 2018) and SIAMs inspections and our excellent Key Stage 2 SATs results. The team are looking to building on those successes this year.The wonderful team at the school work industriously all year round and with children at the heart of every decision we make. 


This current academic year has provided us with an opportunity to create closer links with parents, carers, the wider community and our neighbouring schools and I know from the two parental surveys completed last year and the one during our inspection that the work we have put into building a community feel is appreciated. The 'Head's Together' meetings - a forum for answering any questions you have about school life over a coffee and a biscuit or two - have been positively received and continued into the Spring term. We are looking forward to continuing to work alongside all members of the school community to ensure every child who arrives at the school is provided with the very best education enabling them to move onto the next step in their journey with confidence whilst developing their social, spiritual and emotional intelligence along the way.


We have a number of exciting events organised for the forthcoming term, which parents will, of course, be welcome to attend. These include events linked to the Christian calendar, workshops for parents, Sports Days and opportunities to attend curriculum themed sessions. We are looking forward to working with our local churches in the run up to the summer and we will work with the Friends of the School to plan an exciting Summer Fayre and to develop the outdoor space at Blyton.


The theme of our learning is 'Arrivals and Departures' which will provide the children with an opportunity to explore geography and science in an exciting way. I am looking forward to seeing how learning in mathematics and literacy will develop from such an inspiring topic. Peace is our Christian Value this term.


I do hope that you will join with us in having a fantastic Summer Term. I look forward to meeting you all again.


Kind regards


    World Book Day 2017          


Mr Duke


Footnote from my arrival:

As an avid reader, I was delighted to discover original letters and a signed photograph from the children's author Enid Blyton hidden away in the cupboards. The letters are addressed to the children of the school in 1961 and a copy is now displayed in the entrance area of the Blyton site. I was interested to read that Enid's ancestors may have influenced the naming of the village of Blyton itself. I was a huge fan of the author as a child and perhaps fate had a say in where I would end up! Look out for the display at the Blyton site.