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Year 5/6: Clover Class Mrs Batey

Wolf Brother Adventure at Wild Woodcraft: March 18

Welcome to Clover: Spring Term 2018


SURVIVAL! Who? How? Why?


So many questions and so much to learn this Spring term.

Our work will be focused on the text ‘Wolf Brother’ by Michelle Paver. This is the first book in the series ‘The Chronicles of Ancient Darkness’ which detail the adventures of Torak. We will be using this text to look at how adventure stories are constructed and at how the language ‘hooks’ the reader. Watch out for our versions of the story! Grammar will be taught using the content of the text. We’ll discover how Torak adapts to his environment using survival techniques and how nature helps provide him with food and medicine. You might want to read one of the follow-on books, (once we have found out what happens to Torak, of course!)



In science, we will describe how living things are classified and give reasons for these classifications based on specific characteristics. ‘Wolf Brother’ will give us a great starting point for this investigation. Using maps and APPS, we will develop our map-reading skills, comparing the techniques used by Torak and modern-day map-reading technology. In PE, we’ll also participate in

orienteering tasks, creating our own map and routes.

Our class story shows how Torak has to quickly ‘become a man’, and this will be a good basis to

consider how we change as we go through puberty. In PSHE, we will consider the importance of protecting our own bodies from inappropriate and unwanted contact.

‘Self-sacrifice’ is our Christian value for this term, and we will be looking at how people live-out this value. Our RE theme of ‘What is special about the Bible?’, will lead us to consider the different types of literature in the Bible such as law and gospel, and learn how individuals use the Bible. Bear Grylls will be one such individual.

The children will now be building up their own spelling log which includes words which they regularly spell incorrectly, but with practice as their homework focus each week, they will soon be spelling these words accurately and independently. Their reading record also includes a list of Y5/6 spelling words which are set by the government as examples of words which Y5/6 children should be confident at spelling in their independent work. These too should be practised.

Useful websites: (for lots of games and puzzles)

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BcL500 award winners 2017 6

Welcome to Clover: Autumn Term 2017


 Welcome back to a new term with year 5/6 and Mrs Batey!


Welcome to a new term, and what a busy term lies ahead for Y5/6 as we begin our ‘Adventures in Archaeology!’


Our science studies are linked to the theme of ‘Evolution and Inheritance’ and we will explore the evidence that fossils give us about animals past and present. We will examine features which are passed on through generations in our own families so an interesting task would be to have a look though family photos to find family resemblances. You can even look at family characteristics of families such as the Royal family!


Our history studies will revolve around the legacy of Ancient Greece. We will be using historical evidence such as buildings and vases to explore the stories they tell and we will also look at important scientists and mathematicians, so expect lots of testing in the bath in the style of Archimedes!


We will be continuing our cooking work in technology: the children will have the opportunity to extend their chopping/cutting skills with a range of recipes which hopefully they will show you at home. The school garden will provide us with many of the ingredients for our first recipes.


In PE, Mr Johnson, sports coach, will be developing our skills in a range of sports including table tennis and invasion games. We will also participate in some of the activities associated with Paralympic sports. We have already played Boccia, and been amazed at the skill and accuracy of Paralympic athletes when looking at footage from the 2012 games. We will also all be aiming to swim at least 25m too in our weekly visits to the Leisure Centre.


Our RE learning will focus on Islam, learning about the origins of the religion. Our Christian value of Trust will allow us to see the importance of trust with our friendships and family.


When you visit our classroom, you will see how our walls help us with our learning. Our maths wall is designed to be added to everyday with resources relevant to our learning, so in weeks 1 and 2, you will see links to numbers up to and beyond one million! Our English wall will show a range of different types of grammatical tools which we will use in different kinds of writing.


Homework is a crucial element of our learning and many tasks will focus on our reading and spelling skills. In reading, we will be encouraged to look at how authors use language for effect, thinking about why they use certain words in place of others. In spelling, we will be looking at prefixes and suffixes, building up our own, individual spelling logs of words we need to practise further.


Our first visit this year will be to ‘Construction Day’ at the Lincolnshire Showground, led by the Education Business Partnership. This is a day when we explore the world of work… watch out for the letter coming home!


Please feel free to contact the school for any further information on how you can help your child.

Useful website include

Author Visit for BcL500: Steve Bowkett (Nov 17)

Author Visit for BcL500: Steve Bowkett (Nov 17) 1
Author Visit for BcL500: Steve Bowkett (Nov 17) 2
Author Visit for BcL500: Steve Bowkett (Nov 17) 3

Construction Day (Oct 17)


Year 6 had a fabulous time, exploring the world of work when we visited the EBP Construction Day at the Lincolnshire Showground. Who knew we had such talented planners, plasterers and joiners amongst us. We loved working with the Army and Hill Holt Wood who showed us how we could create a roof for a house using just branches and string which was strong enough to hold us up!


Please enjoy viewing the photographs of our day.

Pie Corbett's Spine for Reading - Year 6

Clover Learning Experiences Autumn 2016