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Year 5/6: Clover Class Mrs Batey

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Welcome to our journey through books!


The first half of the Autumn term begins with an exploration of picture books which explore the idea of being a migrant. We will look at the reasons people leave their homes to work elsewhere in both the present and past. We will explore the challenges faced, the friendships made and the preciousness of small things. We will consider how foods and natural resources are traded around the world, thinking about the foods which we serve at our table.


Our classroom reflection area will be where we consider our responses to the world and people around us. The value of friendship will be key to our work.

Wolf Brother Adventure at Wild Woodcraft: March 18

BcL500 award winners 2017

BcL500 award winners 2017 1

Author Visit for BcL500: Steve Bowkett (Nov 17)

Author Visit for BcL500: Steve Bowkett (Nov 17) 1
Author Visit for BcL500: Steve Bowkett (Nov 17) 2
Author Visit for BcL500: Steve Bowkett (Nov 17) 3

Construction Day (Oct 17)


Year 6 had a fabulous time, exploring the world of work when we visited the EBP Construction Day at the Lincolnshire Showground. Who knew we had such talented planners, plasterers and joiners amongst us. We loved working with the Army and Hill Holt Wood who showed us how we could create a roof for a house using just branches and string which was strong enough to hold us up!



Pie Corbett's Spine for Reading - Year 6