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Pupil Responsibility

Head Boy and Head Girl



As Head Girl I will have lots of responsibilities, such as; showing important visitors around our school, making sure everyone is happy and collecting donations from our church services. Also, I will try to be a role model to everyone, especially the younger ones. I will encourage children as well.

I am looking forward to being the new Head Girl!


Jack :

Being Head Boy to me will be a great experience. I will meet a lot of new people such as; governors, people from other schools and those who have just moved into the area. As Head Boy, you have to be a role model to the year 3,4 and 5s and set the example for people who are new to this school. That is why I am looking forward to being the new Head Boy.


Team Captains


Witham: Charlie Cant

Ancholme: Jonah Briscoe

Humber: Grace Farman

Trent: Teddy Heather

School Council

Our School Council represents the views of all our pupils and plays an important role in the success of the school. The council gives children the opportunity to make their voices heard and feel part of the whole school community. Mr Duke leads the school council as he is very keen to hear pupil voice and be inspired by the wonderful ideas shared.


As a School Council, we try our best to set a good example to our class mates and help to maintain a happy atmosphere for us all to learn in. One of our great successes was to establish an environmental group which aims to reduce the school's carbon footprint. We particularly enjoy monitoring the 'footprint' from the Head teacher's office!


New School Councillors for the school year 2017-18 have been selected and are already planning Children in Need. We are really excited to share their ideas and help to improve our School!

Carbon Ambassadors


At Blyton cum Laughton, we have three ‘Carbon Ambassadors’, we are:

Lennon Essom

Kyra Elley

Jack Bogg

Our role is to try to help the school reduce its energy costs and carbon footprint. We make sure that electrical appliances are switched off when not in use, and each month we check to see how much electricity has been used. We do a survey of the school sites at the start of the year to see where we may be able to reduce our running costs. Once a year, we hold a ‘Switch Off Day’ where we see if we can manage on limited electricity.

We particularly enjoy ensuring that the teacher's are saving energy!

Watch this space for who has been selected this year to take on such a responsible role!


Blyton cum Laughton's JRSO's


Each year, we have three new JRSO’s (Junior Road Safety Officers), they are:


Hallie Wood

Joshua Haynes

George Waldron


Our role is to organise road safety initiatives e.g. setting up and maintaining a notice board, participating in themed assemblies, running competitions etc. We are supported by Pam Street from Lincolnshire Road Safety Partnership. On the 30th November we are running a BE BRIGHT BE SEEN Day in school to help children understand how to stay safe in the dark winter months.


Key Stage 2 Tuck Shop


The school council run a healthy tuck shop at the Blyton site. The tuck shop is open at break times (10.30am) and the cost for each item is 20p. They sell grapes, apples, oranges, pears, raisins, carrot and cucumber sticks.

KS2 Librarians 

Our librarians are chosen after a rigorous interview with Mr Duke and Mrs Batey.


The library has been modernised further thanks to our new librarians! We have redesigned the look of the library to make it more appealing and accessible to our readers and we are currently compiling lists of books we need.


As librarians, we have the responsibility of making sure the books are organised correctly and we use an online system to keep a record of the books that are currently being borrowed. Children are allowed to take three books from the library at a time. We look forward to seeing you browsing!