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PE and Sports Funding

2017/18 Developments:

The increase in funding through PE and sport premium has enabled BcL to have acquired the skills of Paul Johnson, a National Coach, to lead our PE sessions in school and coach staff to deliver high quality physical education. This is already having a significant impact. With the teaching of all aspects of physical education now being modelled to members of our team, throughout the school, we will have the capacity to sustain the quality of provision in the years ahead.  


Another current focus is to increase the number of children participating in sporting activities, both during school hours and after school. Mr Johnson teaches table tennis to KS2 children and runs a multi-sports club for FS and KS1. He has also taken a lead role in selecting children for the cross-country team. Other members of the team have organised a range of other clubs for children to participate in.

During Autumn Term 2017:

  • 16 children attended Table Tennis Club at KS2
  • 21 children attended Football Club at KS2
  • 17 children attended Games Club at FS/KS1
  • 17 children attended Multi-sports club at FS/KS1
  • 38 children attended cross-country club with a team selected from that group chosen to represent the school.

In total, 50% of children participated in an after-school or lunchtime sports/games club during this term.


Children also take part in the Gainsborough School's Swimming Gala (we are medium school's champions!). We contribute to the transport and swimming lessons for our KS1 and KS2 children to enable all to have the best possible chance to achieve their badges. This academic year we are also, for the first time, including our Reception children in order to help them become confident swimmers earlier.

We have recently created links with the local secondary school, TGA, to ensure our school sport's day has access to the best possible equipment and space.


This academic year we are looking to develop the playground space at the Laughton site to increase exercise and active learning opportunities and develop structured play at both sites with the help of the sports coach during break-times.


Blyton cum Laughton PE and Sports Funding Plan 2017/18

Blyton cum Laughton PE and Sports Funding 2016/17