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Year 3/4: Willow Class Mrs Fernandez

Off on a European Adventure!!


Willow Class topic this term is Europe. The children will be choosing one European country to research in detail. They will generate questions they can ask to help them find out information, and use a variety of sources of information to find answers. The children will consider both the human and physical geography of their chosen country, presenting the information in a variety of ways. We will locate Europe on a world map and find out about its features. From here they will locate countries in Europe and identify the major capital cities. We will be comparing two European capital cities and find out about the human and physical features of a European country.


In English we will be reading The Ink Garden of Brother Theophane. We will use this story to write explanations and instructions on how to use plants to create dyes. This will also inspire some poetry this term and links in well with our Science where the children will get a chance to use the dye of plants from the local area to write with as Theophane did in the story!


In Maths this term we will focus on fractions, time and measurements. It would benefit the children if they embed their knowledge of the x3, x4, x8 tables as this will help with their fraction work this term.


In Science we are learning that living things can be classified in a variety of ways. I’m sure the children will be outside a great deal this term looking at plants and animals within our local environment. We will explore and use classification keys to help group and name a variety of living things in our local environment and beyond.


I’m sure it is going to be a really exciting term. If there are any artefacts or books on Europe that the children may have at home please bring in to share with the class/put on display.






Willow enjoyed investigating pop-up mechanisms during Design & Technology



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