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Year 3/4: Willow Class Mrs Fernandez

Welcome to The Stone Age!


We have already made a fantastic start to the topic The Stone Age.


The children will become hunter-gatherers this term, hunting and gathering for food. We will enjoy some Stone Age food made by the children and create a three course menu for Stone Age Boy to enjoy. Together we will research Stone Age tools and become Cavemen Salesmen! The children will also discover Stone Age animals, comparing them to animals of today. We will look at why shelter is so important and hopefully create our own Stone Age shelter in the outside learning area. 


Our Science this term is Rocks and soils. They will handle and examine rocks, identifying their properties. We will be looking at the ‘Blytoncumlaughton’ fossil collection describing in simple terms how fossils are formed!


This term we will be studying Hinduism as part of our R.E. The children will look at Hindu deities, identify where Hindus worship and look at how Hindus practice in worship and action.


Most of this term the children will be securing their place value knowledge and applying this knowledge to problem solving and reasoning. They will also be working on the areas of addition and subtraction. This term the children will be taught times table songs to support their learning of the tables x3 and x6 tables. It would benefit your child enormously if you would encourage them to learn these tables throughout this term. There are many websites to help with this.


All our English work will be taught around the story Stone Age Boy this term. The children are already writing descriptions of caves. They will also be writing menus, instructions on how to make fire or Stewed fruit as well as story writing. It will certainly be a fun packed term!


Just a reminder that P.E. is on a Friday and all children will need their P.E. kit in school. Homework also goes out on a Friday and is expected back in on Wednesday. There have already been some amazing pieces of homework coming in this term. Please try and read with your child as often as you can. Fifteen minutes a day can make the world of difference. The children will be bringing home Reading Records. These are for you to record what books the children are reading at home.



Willow enjoyed investigating pop-up mechanisms during Design & Technology



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