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School Clubs

The start of this academic year has seen an incredible percentage of children taking part in clubs at the school. After the first week, 50% of our children were accessing a club; this has increased week beginning September 25th with the addition of the cross-country club (40 children from Fig and Clover class taking part on the first day) We are committed to increasing the sporting provision and opportunities for children.

We are delighted to offer an increased number of clubs this academic year both within the school day and after school. We will discuss clubs for each term and let you know of any changes.


Here is a list of what we offer after school at times throughout the year :

  • KS2 Multi-sports (Monday) Mr Johnson 3.30-4.30
  • KS2 Film & Drama (Thursdays with Mr Duke (starting May)
  • KS2 Netball (Monday) with Mrs Wright and Miss Fisher 3.30-4.30
  • KS2 Cross-Country Club with Mr Johnson/Mrs Batey (Autumn at lunchtimes)
  • KS1 Brilliant Book Club (Wednesday) Mr Duke 
  • KS2 Young Voices Singing (Thursday) Mrs Batey (this club will start when we receive the songs from Young Voices)
  • KS2 Table Tennis with Mr Johnson (lunchtime Friday)


We also run the following clubs during the school day

  • JRSO's and Carbon Ambassadors (Mrs Batey)


Each class from Reception to Year 6 completes a series of weeks' swimming at the West Lindsey Leisure Centre on a Monday between 11.00am – 11.30am. This is led by the sport centre coaches and our teachers.

We also provide the venue for Mr Burke's Karate Club– KS2 (Wednesday) and KS1 (Thursday). (This is not an official school club)

Here is more information about Karate club from Mr Burke:

Zanshin Karate Academy (WIKF- England)

We teach traditional Karate to students from the age of 5 onwards. Our classes are a great way to build confidence, learn respect and discipline, make new friends and get fit while learning an effective form of self defence. We teach Karate as an after school club on Wednesday's at KS2 (3.30-4.30) and Thursdays at KS1 (3.45-4.45). Our Karate club is part of the WIKF - Wado International Karate-Do Federation, founded by Professor Tatsuo Suzuki - 8th Dan Hanshi.