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Reception: Olive Class Mrs Newbury

Autumn Term 2

This term we will be starting by joining in with the whole school writing competition! We will be exploring the rainforest and discovering some hidden treasure. The children will each create a map of the rainforest as well as their own story told through pictures which will be entered into the competition.


Following this we will be having a celebration week where we will learn all about Diwali and how it is celebrated. Linked to this we are having an 'Indian Experience Day'. We will be learning all about Bonfire night and how it is celebrated. We will also learn about Bonfire safety and making sure our pets and animals are kept safe too.


As Winter approaches we will explore the changes in our environment and learn about animals who live in the Arctic and Antarctic. We will use the book ‘Lost and found’ throughout our learning. As Christmas time draws near we will be busy practising for the Nativity, learning our songs and where to stand on stage. We will be writing our letters and lists for Father Christmas and making our Christmas crafts for the Christmas Fayre.


Through all of our topics the prime and specific areas of the EYFS curriculum are woven through. Within the first few weeks Mrs Newbury is learning all about the children and making her assessments of where the children are against the Development Matters statements. Learning opportunities are then planned from this and the children’s interests will be reflected within the provision provided.

Autumn Term 1

We have a very exciting term ahead of us in Olive. For the first two weeks we focus on making sure the children are happy and settled in their new learning environment. We learn the rules and routines of school life and focus on developing our independence. Our first topic is ‘All about me’ where we are learning all about ourselves and celebrating our differences. We are learning about our senses and our different body parts; we are also excited to explore movement and balances within PE sessions. As Autumn approaches we will be exploring the changes in our outside environment and learning about different animals and plants. We will be learning about Harvest and reading the story of the Little Red Hen.


We will be exploring our Christian value of 'Friendship' throughout this half term and thinking about the question 'What makes a good friend?'



Olive's First Few Weeks of School

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