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Reception: Olive Class Miss Pennington

We have another exciting term in store for Olive Class. The progress they have made in their first term at Blyton cum Laughton has been brilliant and Miss Pennington is very proud of them all.

We started off our term with a winter walk across to the churchyard to search for signs of winter and collected lots of interesting things! In the first two weeks we are learning about winter and the changes that it brings. We are also learning all about shape in maths and using their properties to identify them. This term we begin phonics groups as well as whole class phonics to develop our reading and writing.

From Week 3 we are Olive Class will be receiving a visit from a very special dragon called Zog who will be teaching them all about how to be a dragon! We will be using the book by Julia Donaldson to explore the world of Dragons and Knights and might even create our own dragons too! On Tuesday 5th February it is Chinese New Year and so we will spend time learning all about this festival, how it is celebrated and why it is celebrated.


After half term we will be receiving a surprise delivery from a special bear called Paddington who will be encouraging Olive Class to explore where they live and then the rest of the world. Miss Pennington will use the children’s thoughts and ideas of where in the world to explore with the help from their travelling companion Paddington bear. We are planning an exciting trip to Woodside Wildlife Park in March where we will have chance to learn all about different animals and even handle some too!


Through all of our topics the prime and specific areas of the EYFS curriculum are woven through. Miss Pennington, Mrs Wood and Mrs Fell are observing and assessing the children on a daily basis to ensure each child’s learning is being supported and challenged.


Miss Pennington and Olive class are also now using the app ‘Tapestry’ on a daily and weekly basis. Miss Pennington will be uploading photos of your child’s learning, their work and their achievements onto this app. This is something which you as a parent can be a part of. Ask Miss Pennington for further details if you’re not signed up already.


Websites to explore with your child to support their learning:



Picture 1 Baking little people shortbread
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Picture 16 Exploring our new classroom
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Picture 23 Lunchtime!
Picture 24 Our first PE session
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Picture 1 Wonderful World Book Day 2018
Picture 2 Which one ate my marmalade sandwich?
Picture 3 Wonderful costumes
Picture 4 Engrossed in brilliant books
Picture 1 We welcomed Paddington with marmalade sandwiches
Picture 2 We enjoy learning about rainforests
Picture 3 We want to be explorers like Paddington!
Picture 4 We love Paddington stories