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Parents FAQ’s

1. What to do if my child is absent?


We have an absence facility on the telephone for when a child is absent from school. Simply call the school telephone number and press 1. Messages are listened to at the start of the school day. Please do not email absence into school as emails are collected much later and as we action ‘First Call’ to locate all our children, you may receive a call from school asking you where your child is.

Also, please be aware that if you have ordered a school lunch for your child and we have not received an absence call or have been unable to contact you, then we are unable to cancel your order and therefore not able to offer a refund.


2. Where do I drop my child/ren off in the morning?


School starts at 8.45am at the Blyton Site and 9.00am at the Laughton Site. All children must enter through the side entrance gate at Laughton. The gates will be open at 8.50am and all teaching staff will be present in the playground, the gate closes at 9.05am. At the Blyton Site children must wait in the front playground until the gates open at 8.35am and all teaching staff will also be present in the playground.

If you arrive after the gates have closed, you are late and will have to sign in at the schools main reception.
If you would like to speak to your child’s class teacher you have the opportunity prior to the children entering school or at the end of the school day when they are again present on the playground. 


3. Where do I collect my child/ren from at the end of the day?


School will finish at 3.15pm (Blyton site) and 3.30pm (Laughton site). Parents should collect children from the playground at the Laughton Site and the front of the school at the Blyton Site. Children collected late will be taken in to the school office and parents will be able to collect their child/ren from there. If you know you are going to be late collecting your child/ren please phone ahead.


4. What about if my child attends an after school club?


If your child attends an after school club a member of staff will escort them to their parents who should wait outside the schools main entrance.


Any other queries…
The administration team in the school office will be happy to answer any other queries that you may have.