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Parent Views and Parent Survey Results

Parent Communication: April 2018

We are working hard to increase communication to parents/carers through Twitter, the text service and, imminently, Instagram.  Mr Duke regularly holds  'Head's Together' meetings with parents to answer any questions or concerns you have.


Please see correspondence from parents below.


'We are very pleased and happy with the way you run the school. The children are settling very well apart from a few hiccups but the way it has been handled has been outstanding. We are very impressed and have no doubt we made the right decision to come to Blyton.' Parent of children at Laughton and Blyton


'Thank you for sending a text message about ______'s writing. I can honestly say it was the best piece of communication we have ever received. For all the family to receive that at home was very uplifting and ____ was thrilled.'

Parent of child at Blyton


We are delighted that:

93% of parents/carers feel the school is well led and managed.  

95% believe their child is happy at school.

95%  say their child feels safe at school.

97% believe the school provides opportunities to visit and feel part of my child’s education.

and 98% of parents/carers say their child is well looked after at school.


Thank you to everyone for your responses. We do reflect on any suggestion made and use them as a point of discussion in school. For the new academic year, and in response to your concerns, we have appointed Mr Johnson to help develop PE provision in school. We have also evaluated our current homework strategy and simplified it to ensure basic skills are the focus.

Meet and Greet Sept 17

Here are a few messages left by our parents and carers at our first event of the year:

"It's always nice to visit the school. Reassuring to meet the new teacher and discuss my child."


"Meet and Greet is a good idea because it gave me a chance to see my child in the classroom setting and how well he's doing. He showed me around and told me what he does at school."


"These opportunities to see how the children are transitioning from the previous year to this year are fantastic. Seeing how they are developing and growing is so important as a parent. Thank you for giving us this opportunity."


"It's lovely to see how the school changes year on year. The staff clearly work hard to make the school feel warm and welcoming."


"This is our second year here and our second Meet and Greet! It's a really great opportunity to meet their new teachers and see what they are all up to."




Easter Crafternoon: March 27th


We received so many positive comments from our parents and carers (and children!) following the Easter Crafternoon this week. Thank you to everyone for taking the time to leave those comments and for coming along.


"What a wonderful idea. A great chance to spend time with our children in school."


"Crafternoon was good fun. "


"An eggciting chance to be in school."

Parent Consultations: March 20th/22nd


We were delighted to receive views from parents and carers during our second consultation evening of the year.

'Our children never wanted to come to school until we moved them here. Now they can't wait to get to school.' Parents of children in Y2 and Y6

'The progress she is making this year is amazing.' Parent of child in Y6.


Maths, a Mug and a Munch (13th March 2017)


Thank you to all the parents and carers who attended the event today. It was great to see so many of you playing maths games with your children.


Here are some comments from the day:


"It was great to have the opportunity to see the maths my child is doing at school."

"Great to look at maths rather than just reading."

"I enjoyed playing games with my child. The fractions were tricky!"


Christmas Book and a Bite Events (December 5th and 6th)

We were delighted to welcome so many parents, grandparents and friends to the events this week. In fact we were so overwhelmed by the support we may need to build an extension!


Thank you for sharing your thoughts, below:


"An opportunity to be part of your child's learning at school is fantastic."


"A lovely morning. Great to see so many people attending."


"Nice to see so many children enjoying a book. Coffee and mince pie was a nice extra touch."


"Lovely idea. Great for both children and parents. Great turn out, lovely atmosphere."


"Lovely to have the opportunity to come into school and enjoy a good book with my daughter."


"I really enjoyed the Christmas Book and a Bite, it was nice to see all the children reading to their parents. The drinks and cakes were nice too."


"A lovely opportunity to come into school and share a book in a different environment."


"Super event! Enjoyed listening to the children. The new books in the library are fab!"


Thank you to everyone for your time.

Parent Survey: October 2016

The views of our parents and carers are so important to us. Thank you to everyone for completing the parent survey that was distributed on the 7th October. We are collating the information and we will present the findings in next week's newsletter.

Mr Duke