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If I Built a Car

Illustration2Creation Issue 8: If I Built a Car by Chris Van Dusen

1. So, what would you do if you could design your own car? What would it look like? What shape would it be? What would it have inside? How would it be powered? Could it travel in the air and underwater too? Would it be environmentally friendly? How would it have to be modified for people with disabilities?

2. Write a list of 10 things your car would need to make it safe to drive in.

3. Draw or paint your car travelling on the road, underwater or in the air. 

4. Design a logo for your new car. Research by looking at the logos of existing car companies. 

5. Create your car design using lego. 

6. Sketch what the interior of the car looks like. 

7. Using a movie-making app to create a TV advertisement for your car. 

8. Write a promotional report about your car for a newspaper. 

9. Make a car shape using objects you find in your home (ask permission first) 

10. Watch a car race on television and think about how it would feel to be the driver. 

11. Learn all about Lewis Hamilton or Billy Monger - create a fact-file.

12. Which foods would you like your car to make?

13. Write a story about going on holiday with family or friends in your car. 

14. Write a letter to Jamie Chadwick asking her to test drive your design. 

15. Re-design your car to travel into space. What would it need now? 

16. Find out about the different speed restrictions we have in the UK. 

Have fun!




Illustration2Creation Issue 7: A Farm Through Time by Eric Thomas and Angela Wilkes 


  • Build a farmhouse using Lego 
  • Plan a farm with a range of animals and crops 
  • Research farms through the ages
  • How would farms be different in the USA or Kenya? Would they have different animals or crops? 
  • Cook a dish which includes potatoes, carrots or peas (please ask for help from an adult) 
  • Make a soup using vegetables (ask for help from an adult) 
  • Paint a farm scene including your favourite farm animal
  • Run a farm shop in your house. How much would each item cost? 
  • Watch Chicken Run
  • Make a list of as many farm animals as you can
  • Try drawing carriage wheels freehand and without using circular objects. Can you make a perfect circle? 
  • How many shapes can you see in the illustration? 2D? 3D? 
  • Write a poem about being a farmer or farm animal 

Illustration2Creation 6: Chris Van Dusen's The Circus Ship

Here's a few activities you might like to try linked to this illustration: 


  • How many animals can you find that are hiding from the greedy circus owner? Look really carefully! There are 15 to find.
  • Draw or paint a wild animal
  • Experiment creating animal patterns inspired by animal fur 
  • Measure the height of the houses in the illustration. Which is the tallest? Smallest? 
  • Choose three characters in the illustration. What are they thinking? Add thought bubbles to them.
  • Write a poem about one of the animals. Think about how it sounds, how it moves and what it survives.
  • Make a list of the animals you can see and then research the continents they live in. 
  • Ask a family member what their favourite animal is and film them giving an answer. If you have imovie, make a film about your families favourite animals.
  • Recreate the scene or make an animal using lego. 
  • Learn about the history of the Penny Farthing
  • Create a information pack about bicycles through the years. Ask your parents/grandparents which bike they used to ride. 
  • Design a map of an island community. Think about housing, shops, leisure, health and worship.
  • Move around the house like an animal of your choice. 

Illustration2Creation Issue 5: Pinocchio by Carlo Collodi and Roberto Innocenti 

The latest issue is based on one of my favourite versions of Pinocchio. It is illustrated by Roberto Innocenti, who paints in such incredible detail. For those children in Fig class, he also illustrated the version of A Christmas Carol which we used this year. 

Have fun! 



  • Make a fruit salad for share with your family
  • Create a fairground ride inspired by your favourite cartoon or game character
  • Write down all the sounds you can hear in this illustration
  • Count the number of children you can see. Count the number that are sitting, standing, falling, sliding, riding and climbing. Can you make a bar chart to show what you have found? 
  • Design a fairground park including rides, games, stalls, food stalls, shows. 
  • Describe the scene using verbs and adjectives. 
  • Choose one of the people in the scene and write a biography. (Name? Age? Where do they live? Hobbies? Friends? Pets? Favourite fairground ride?)
  • Design a ghost train ride. Try making it using a cardboard and paper
  • Write a puppet show and perform it to your family
  • Make cardboard or sock puppets for the show.
  • Find out about Punch and Judy shows 
  • Ask members of your family about their favourite fairground experiences - film them speaking 
  • Make a drum using different materials

Illustration2Creation Issue 4: Roy of the Rovers Play Offs by Tom Palmer and Lisa Henke

Illustration2Creation Issue 4: Roy of the Rovers Play Offs


Today's focus is on a book written by a friend of the school: Tom Palmer. 


  • Create a team (name, logo, home and away kit, ground and training facilities)
  • Create a 20 minute fitness programme
  • Use dice and counters to create a simple football game
  • Write a football song
  • Create a new skill and write instructions
  • Research the 1912 FA Cup or any other less important one
  • Design a new set of football boots
  • Make a sculpture of your favourite player from plasticine
  • Design a mascot for your team
  • Sew a team flag or even a shirt!
  • Plan a healthy meal
  • Create a new sport involving a ball
  • Watch the 1966 World Cup Final
  • Narrate/record a commentary over a goal you find
  • Listen to The Anfield Rap -can you do better?
  • Research Pele
  • Find out who is the top scorer for every country in Europe
  • Write a fact-file about non-league football
  • Recreate a famous goal in the back garden - film it and post on social media (get permission first) 

Illustration2Creation Issue 3: Flotsam by David Wiesner

Illustration2Creation Issue 3


I wonder how many of these activities you could complete inspired by Flotsam? 


  • Paint an underwater shell scene
  • Use plasticine to make shells of different shapes and sizes
  • If you have a shell, hold it to your ear and listen. Write a poem about the sea sounds you can hear 
  • Use a cardboard box or shoe box to make an aquarium scene
  • Design a shell-house with many floors - draw a cross-section of it and label the features you have included
  • Learn about the differences and similarities between turtles and tortoises
  • Take photographs of objects underwater using a sink or the bath. 
  • Which seaside town would you like to visit? Find out all about it. 
  • Create a fact-file about mythical or legendary creatures from the sea (you could look at Greek mythology or find out about the Loch Ness monster 
  • Design a wordsearch including sea creatures and ask a member of your family to complete it
  • Draw a dinsosaur that used to live in the sea
  • Make a fish shape using objects in the house or garden 


Illustration2Creation Issue 2: The Arrival by Shaun Tan



Hello - here is the second issue of #Illustration2Creation. 

A reminder that these are ideas based on an illustration from a picture book that children could try at home. I have tried to include activities which most children could access and suggest resources that may be available at home. 

Issue 2 is based on the incredible 'The Arrival' by Shaun Tan. It is a wordless graphic novel about a family who need to escape their life in one country to make a new life in another. 


- Sketch a photograph you have using one colour - a brown to make it look old?

- Design a futuristic clock and make it out of cardboard (the triangular topped object on the left is a clock!) 

- Use origami to create creatures

- Play old card games with your family

- Make an unusual pet from plasticine and create a short animation to show it move

- Design and make a fruit salad dish for your family - could you use an unusual fruit too?

- Write instructions for looking after your pet

- Open an exhibition of your drawings and paintings entitled 'My Family and I'

- Ask members of your family what their favourite objects are and put them together on a shelf/mantelpiece

- Make flowers from coloured paper

- Recreate this scene, take a sepia photo of it or take photos of each other. Use filters to age them

- Eat at least one meal together around a table

- For fun, dress up as someone different in your family 

- Learn to make a simple meal for your family 

- Imagine this scene in colour - draw it in the way you imagine it to look

- Which country would you like to live in when you are older - research it and make a information leaflet about it including the places you would most like to visit.