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Clover Class Poetry


Storm Eleanor howled and tapped on my window with her billions of hands. Her powerful breath threw over trees, splitting roots and trunks into shards. People in bed were wishing her din could cease.

Dogs in their kennels felt the power in their faces like a boxing star endlessly hitting them. Hail cracked windows and dented cars. People ran from her bow and arrow of ice.

Rain splintered the town. She made an evil laugh before summoning lightning. The thunder petrified small children who hid under bed-covers as she struck the land.

Dominic (Y5)



The raging winds howled in the night sky as children hid under the bed-covers, hoping that the storm would soon be over. As the tree violently waved and rustled, longing for someone to come and save it from the grasp of Eleanor; she spat icy splinters of water onto the unexpected victims below.

She was the villain that no one was expecting, the villain that was impossible to beat. The villain of the night.

Suddenly, the lightning struck, a church bell could be heard miles away on the last strike of midnight. Eleanor gladly blew away to regain her energy, with the intent to come back and cause havoc once again.




She lurked in the shadows, behind houses, in bushes. No one had ever seen her, but had only been victims. You could tell when she was coming and planning an attack; clouds would turn as black as coal and scud across the sky, towering over earth like dark giants of the world above. They monitored our land, scanning us, an evil glisten in their eyes.

Suddenly, she sent the first splinter of rain plummeting down towards a lone, child stood paralyzed, looking up towards the darkness. Soon after, an army of shard-like raindrops fell as fast as bullets whilst the thunder clapped his hands in glee. This was it. Eleanor had started her reign of terror.

Next, Eleanor herself was descending from above, but in the form of a harsh, forceful wind. She howled like a wolf speaking to the moon in the dead of night as she whisked in and out of the thin branches before stopping. She tightly clutched the trunk and her icy grip froze it solid. She pushed with all her might and the tree collapsed, slowly but sudden. It lay lifeless on the road as cars beeped angrily at the blockage in their route.

Eleanor’s destruction was taking over. She was like a boulder rolling down a hill; everything in her path was soon gone, only a pile of rubble left in its place. But something caught her eye. Something that made her feel like she’d just been shot in the chest. A human, a woman, in fact, was walking down the submerged path, but she wasn’t soaking and dripping with water. She had an UM-BRELLA. Eleanor didn’t know what to do. Her power had decreased into nothingness and the sun was breaking through the thick clouds. She couldn’t do anything now. You looked around, you wouldn’t be able to tell she had even passed by. There was the odd puddle here and there but that was it. She was gone.




Storm Eleanor shot out her icy bullets of deathening frostbite which could lead to serious death; it could spread a nasty virus which if not treated, could spread a horrible disease which would lead to a calamitous death. The icy-cold weather shot the icy bullets that looked like shards of evilness. The fearless Storm Eleanor yelled out an ear-splitting tantrum which pulled up trees.

With might aggression, Storm Eleanor tore up the poor, old, crooked tree. The ancient and innocent tree was pulled up from its roots by the hostile Storm Eleanor. She blew away the wheelie-bin from its comfortable, dry, warm home to a patch of grassland surrounded by bushes.

When will the world end with the barbaric Storm Eleanor?




Her icy breath coated the leaves in a thin layer of frosty-ice, causing them to curl up in a protecting ball. Heavy-hearted and tearful, she blew the helpless leaves with her icy breath; they wrestled with the wind, unwillingly giving in to their arctic wrath.

She inhaled the freezing air in the atmosphere, and brought her trembling knees up to her aching chest. Slowly and quietly, she sighed and rested her quivering chin on her knees, as she wrapped her arms around her pearly legs, hugging them as though she was hanging on to dear life. Only a single tear trickled down her face.

Frozen shards of tears escaped from her sorrowful eyes, draining the love and hope from the bottom of her stone-cold heart. Her mind was mixed with depressing thoughts of hurting anyone else - though deep down, she knew she could never control her power.





Slowly, her icy grip eliminated all the warmth inside the people f Blyton. The hand dug into the people’s skin with her knife-like nails. The birds were dragged back into the tree by the forceful wind.

Clouds scudded across the sky like cars driving through the village. She exhaled her ice-cold breath, dealing out frost-bite to the villagers. Her nail-like teeth gnawed on the bodies of living things.

Quickly, the rain hurtled down, anaesthetizing the human’s fingers. The wind obliterated a bin like it was a block of meat. The ice shards poured down, like a cheetah descending Mount Everest.

The trees blew rapidly in the killing wind. Eleanor started to fade away. The wind slowed down and the rain stopped. Eleanor was gone… but for how long?





Boom! Boom!

Her icy heart pumped her venom through her veins, stomping on anything that stood in her path, uncontrollably howling, causing destruction everywhere. Her lungs filled with her icy breath and forcefully exhaled draughty gusts, creating her army of clouds preparing to battle against the innocent victims of the earth.

Anxious tears flooded down her drenched cheeks as she sobbed, not knowing how much damage she had achieved. Icy shards wrestled with thick, luxurious coats. Seeking attention, she mischievously charged like a bad-tempered bull which was starving, attempting to obliterate a whole forest at once.

Eventually, the battered and bruised leaves surrendered from the battle: their fate was not far away. Was this the end?





Her icy, bitter breath scudded across the sky as she slowly anaesthetized the mountain tops of human hands. Her breath of assassination acted like nails as sharp as daggers tunnelling into your flesh. It gnawed away at human skin, terrorising people as they were wrenched to shreds by frost-bite.

Her tears of anger plummeted down to earth like razor-sharp swords ambushing her prey. Slowly, Eleanor sunk her icicle-like teeth in the coats of many villagers as they hurtled to shelter.

Leaves were plucked from the ground by her hands as she placed it on a slide of peril. When the leaf thought it was over, she was suddenly ripped to shards until her rugged appearance was a distant memory.

Her mouth unleashed a cloud of mist covering all that lives in sadness and pain. As she exhaled an ocean of wintery gusts from her lungs, she beamed down at what chaos she had created, grinning in delight.

Then her vigour sluggishly decreased, equalling her with other elements, her tortuous reign of terror was over. The people of Blyton slowly returned to their original state. Eleanor was gone… but for how long?





The angry wind grabbed the bin and hurled it with all its strength and might. It strew rubbish around.

It grasped the trees and shattered them. The trees wobbled as the wind blew forcefully. It howled like a wolf at night, speaking to the stars. It sounded like it growled down my chimney. I was swaying uncontrollably in the wind. It forced my coat off. Wind takes your power away.

The rain bit into my bones like a dinosaur with its sharp, savage teeth. It drenched my coat with relentless spikes of rain. The shards of rain hammered down onto the car roofs and bounced down onto my coat. It flooded my hair, feeling soggy, icy-cold and freezing.

Curtis, Kieran and Mrs Burke



Like soldiers marching into war, Storm Eleanor was quickly introduced to the unsuspecting world below.

Covering the amber-sunset sky with jet-black, mean clouds, Eleanor drowned out the ear-splitting sound of howling dogs with her savage gales of wind. Rain was thrown down menacingly as the storm raged on, wrestling in the harsh waves of irate fury.

The storm was at the peak of its game, obliterating everything in its path to shards. Searching around for her next victim, Eleanor was ready to assassinate any bin in sight.

Slowly turning the world we know into a living hell, the sister of the devil gradually died off into a drizzly shower.





Dark clouds rolled across the jet-black winter sky covering the shivering people. Eleanor unleashed her barbaric whip, blowing the trees and annihilated the branches. No-one cold see anything as the huge vortex of icy-cold rain was blinding every living thing that she could see.

Terror filled the drenched, shivering people as the wicked storm destroyed plants, drowned the roads, hurled bins across garden and obliterated umbrellas. The invading clouds’ number was quickly multiplying and so was the carnage as cars skidded on the slippery tarmac and people were knocked over into icy puddles.

Eleanor was enraged and was crying harder and harder, as her transparent tears landed on the sticky mud. The storm breathed her ice breath over the anaesthetized victims. No-one was safe for the wrath of the storm was over-whelming everything and everyone.

But then. It started to ease as the leaves settled and the sun came out, her freezing tears suddenly stopped. Now there were no howling winds, no frosty tears, no more numb hands and no more wet coats. Storm Eleanor… had gone.





Storm Eleanor forcefully shoved the ancient wall down. Branches were ripped from the towering oak tree. Football goals were tossed all over the place by the menacing storm.

Storm Eleanor aggressively smacked the bright green leaves onto the solid ground. Angrily, she punched down the empty bin. The raging storm spat icy shards at people, stalking and piercing their skin! Storm Eleanor grabbed the innocent tree and yanked it up into the air.

Furiously, she hurled chairs everywhere. She physically punched the bushes with her enormous fists! Strom Eleanor fiercely made the water crash up and down. The cars and buses were angrily shaken by the storm like a giant jumping up and down. Cruelly, Storm Eleanor kicked down the bright lamppost. The birds looked in horror as Storm Eleanor whacked the poor bird-houses.

This is Storm Eleanor- be careful otherwise you’ll be lying face down on the uncomfortable path in front of everybody.





Storm Eleanor fell, blowing over the bins of Blyton with punches of force. Shards of navy-blue rain fell down from the mysterious-shaped clouds as they flew like racing cars driving from side to side.

Doors blew open, slamming and banging as children lay under the bed shouting and screaming for help, and hoping that she would stop and fix the destruction that she had caused.

As birds took flight, they crashed into the houses of Blyton.

When was this going to end?




It was a chaotic night. The detonated, cracked concrete slabs were drowning in the ice-cold water, while the fearless Storm Eleanor carried on assassinating the small village of Blyton. Her clouds scudded from house-to-house, her gustful wind blew off the battle-ship-grey steeple from the church.

Children sobbed in low-pitch, begging for forgiveness. But Eleanor’s rage was too much for puny kids. Mercurial shards of wood shot exceptionally wildly through the air as if she was a powerful god, or wife of the Devil.

Obliterating the fearful leaves, Storm Eleanor was almost done but had one more dissolute job. But before she could deliver her unruly deed, the heroic sun emerged from the clouds, scorching Eleanor and making sure she didn’t come back.




The bleak house stood alone as Eleanor hustled it side-to-side, her vast breath prodding it, making it nearly fall to the ground.

Silently, the cloudy night broke day-light; Eleanor’s arms stretched open and her legs were followed with a crack of daylight.

The bitter air became worse as Eleanor awoke from above. Twigs snapped, nests fell!

Eleanor’s hands merged into one, the people rushed away as Eleanor’s immense hands dived through the crowd. She hung onto your arms like a tiger with food.

Her knife fingers cut through ice. That made shards that scattered across the floor.

Ice tears of Storm Eleanor’s joyless eyes fell on top of you- it wheeled round until an ink-black ring of sadness stood- stood alone.

The thrust of Eleanor’s immeasurable breath fell on top of the people, making them fall to the ground. Soon after, roofs started to fall, eventually getting quicker. In one towering breath, she exhaled all the air she had.

After that, the city had been shaken up like a sword is ripping out your heart and soul! As she flew away, people were left wondering would she come back?





Jagged shards of icy water uncontrollably dropped to the ground like sharp spears from the sky, while the wind howled viciously and mischievously clasped hold of the branch and shook off the icicles from the thin, snow-topped trees.

Vigorously, she exhaled a gust of draughty breath out of her icy-cold lungs, making everything cold in her path. As she went by, she froze every puddle she could see.

Her ice-coated heart thudded with coldness as the cold scuttled down her spine like a beetle wiggling to its nest. Beating like an ear-splitting tambourine, her heart pounded with anger, wanting to be most powerful.

Relentlessly, she blew over a solitary bin that had a thick layer of snow, which then scattered out down to the floor. Determined for things to go her way, she made flexible umbrellas turn inside out. What a storm!






Wildly, the frightened leaves were demolished from the trees because Storm Eleanor went savage and was taking over a village.

The sky was pitch-black because the scudding clouds were attacked by … ELEANOR! It was like a massive contest between the storm and the confused people of the village.

Aggressively devouring everything in her path, the trees lay on the floor lonely, torn out from their roots. She numbed all fingertips of the little children, scolding them for not wearing gloves in the icy conditions.

It was like Storm Eleanor was persuading the village to go against fear. The storm was invading; she gushed over one lonely bin standing on the concrete.

The temperature got lower and lower, so her icy-breath of the frozen landscape howled across the houses, and the whole village panicked and tried to stay calm. The storm viciously started punching and kicking with anger and then a sudden burst of wind exploded! Eventually everything stopped and everyone was safe…

But that wasn’t the end- everyone was settling in to go to bed; then she tensed her knuckles with a crack, she took a breath then she blew out with her lungs and a hurdle of wind came hammering all the cars and houses.






Obliteration! Annihilation! She indiscreetly assassinated all unsuspected surrounding with her savage rage. Outraged, the noxious mortal hectically threw any paralyzed object far into the murky abyss.

Faces throbbing, limbs anaesthetized, icy splinters plummeted into unsuspecting victims as they stopped dead in their tracks. Bitter, bleak-harsh. Shards hurtled in all directions, soaking all the sodden land.

Invading the raven-black night sky, barbaric soldiers went armed on the frontline, ready to unleash hell on all land around, dropping clear, watery bombs from within their misty depths.

Her ice-cold lungs launched one last breath of stone-cold air; as the sun rose higher, Eleanor grew weaker, fading away as Spring took over her existence.

Would she return?





The wind whistled as the people in Lincolnshire woke up to rapid wind. The hurricane moved ferociously quickly around Lincolnshire. People went outside, icicles fell, wind obliterated ice into shards making children shiver.

The rain came down, rapidly drenching all the people who were going to school and taking them to school. The wind soaked adults going to work.

With icy teeth, the wind bit fingers of children not wearing gloves. It chewed on the ears of the people not wearing hats.

The storm moved bins and obliterated them into bits. Suddenly the storm stopped – but for how long?