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Gallery of Life at Blyton cum Laughton

Joe Litchfield Visit 

We enjoyed swimmer, Joe Litchfield's visit to school (Sept 19). He delivered fitness workshops and assemblies to the children across the school. 


Welcome to the gallery!

At Blyton cum Laughton Church of England Primary School we organise a variety of events to ensure we broaden children's experiences . We are committed to the Christian value 'service' and therefore we also take part in many local and national charitable events throughout the year. 

Please enjoy browsing through our photographs which include many exciting events that have taken place in the past twelve months and amazing opportunities linked to the curriculum.


Who is Joanna?

Children across the school were intrigued by documents found by Rev Mark at Laughton and Blyton church in October. 2017 Here are a few photographs from their experience:






KS1 enjoying their new playground equipment from funds raised by the Friends of the School

KS1 welcomes special visitors! Charley brought in 1 day old chicks for us to look at. All linked to our Science work on life cycles.