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Gainsborough Village Schools Partnership

Gainsborough Village Schools Partnership


Blyton cum Laughton CE Primary School is part of a collaboration of village schools in the local area. We work very closely with 5 other schools of varying sizes and catchments:

Scotter Primary School
Corringham Church of England Primary School
Lea Francis Olive Anderson Primary School
Waddingham Primary School

Willoughton Primary School

The relationships between the schools has proved to be invaluable in providing support and training for all of our staff to enable the sharing of the best practice possible. We have embarked on a cycle of peer review, we scrutinise data across the schools and where possible, identify joint areas for development. We are also part of the wider Gainsborough Partnership of Schools which includes secondary and special schools. There is a vast wealth of knowledge, expertise and leadership within the partnership which serves to support all.

May 2017: Peer Review

During the first part of the Summer term, we were visited by the headteachers of Corringham and Waddingham. They completed a 'Peer Review' looking specifically at reasoning within mathematics. The day included observations, book scrutiny and a conversation around data. Moving forward we will be working with the schools to see how we can further improve our teaching of reasoning as we prepare the children for their journey towards KS2 SATs.