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BcL Reward System

What's in the box?

From September 2016, we introduced a positive reward system to encourage consistently strong learning behaviours.

Children have the opportunity to earn stickers based on the quality of their learning, their behaviours and how they demonstrate Christian values. At the Laughton site, we are using the Minions to engage and encourage the children and superheroes at key stage 2. Each child is represented on a class sticker chart and when they reach 10 stickers they have the opportunity to select a reward from Mr. Duke's reward chest. By gaining 20 stickers, a letter will be sent home to parents/carers to share the success. Children receiving 30 stickers within a term will choose a book and a letter will go home.

During the Spring term a number of children achieved 40 stickers and the first two, Holly and Charlotte, had the opportunity to select what the reward would be in future. They decided that they would like to choose a book for each class in the school. What a lovely idea!


Occasionally, children who display excellence may be selected to visit the chest and choose a reward.

Feedback from children so far has been extremely positive.