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View from the School Council

Our School Council represents the views of all our pupils and plays an important role in the success of the school. The council gives children the opportunity to make their voices heard and feel part of the whole school community. Mr Duke leads the school council as he is very keen to hear pupil voice and be inspired by the wonderful ideas shared.


As a School Council, we try our best to set a good example to our class mates and help to maintain a happy atmosphere for us all to learn in. One of our great successes was planning the Summer Fayre in 2017. We worked with the Friends of the School to raise over £800 with £50 going to the RSPCA - our chosen charity.


School Council 2017/18

This year' School Council have been selected and they have already worked closely with Mrs Patterson planning events for Children in Need in November. After a 'Find the Golden Spot' competition, a colouring competition and spotifying the school, we managed to raise £220.55 for the charity.


Our fantastic team are:

Year 3: Elisabeth Skelton & Ollie Fisher

Year4: Zarna List & Monty Drummond

Year 5: Holly Tucker & Ridley Slater

Year 6: Jessica Hudson & Jack Bogg.


The School Council is also completed by the Head and Deputy Girls and Boys:

Head Girl: Charlotte Jennett

Head Boy: Jack Keating

Deputy Head Girl: Ashlee Bailey

Deputy Head Boy: Conan Shaw



School Council Meeting: June 17


We have met with Mrs Wild (Friends of the School) to share our ideas for the Summer Fayre. We now need to collect the items and prizes for each stall and decide who will be looking after the stalls. Mrs Wild also shared lots of great ideas.

We decided we need an event first, so Mrs Marriott will be rehearsing with children at Laughton and Blyton to learn and perform a few songs; that should get everyone in a summery mood!

As well as raising money for the school we will give half of the money raised from our set of stalls to the RSPCA.

We can't wait!


Update: Great news! We helped raise over £800 for the school with over £100 being raised from our stalls alone. Thank you, everybody.


School Council Meeting - April 2017


Mr Duke set us the task of planning a fund-raising event for the school in the Summer term. We have spent the last few weeks meeting together (without Mr Duke!) and throwing lots of ideas around. At the end of April we met with Mr Duke to share our ideas. We will run a number of stalls in the summer fair in July and work with the Friends of the School to put the whole event together. We are so excited to have this responsibility and raise money for the school.

We have also planned a film night for children to attend at both Laughton and Blyton.

School Council Meeting: February 2017

We met with Mr Duke today to discuss our next challenge. He has set us with the task of creating a fund-raising event for the summer term. We have to organise meetings between us and plan the day ready for a meeting with Mr Duke later in March.

We are really excited to have this opportunity!


School Council Meeting: 18th November

The council met to discuss possible ideas to improve the break-time and lunchtime shortage of equipment. Scanning through a range of catalogues, they have prepared a draft list of equipment under the following headings:

  • Sport
  • Art and Craft
  • Traditional games


They are very keen to have a range of opportunities at both sites for those children who prefer to sit and be creative as opposed to running around.


This list will be finalised before Christmas and passed onto the Friends of the School.



Autumn Term 1 meeting - October 2016

The School Council have met with Mr Duke and identified a number of areas which they would like to improve in the school:


  • Children to become play leaders to support game playing at break time
  • Children to choose the clubs that are available
  • Drama club after school
  • Hockey/Tennis and Chess clubs
  • Blinds to be put up in Willow class to stop glare
  • Tuck shop trolley to be available outside at break time
  • Christmas post box for cards
  • Football nets on the field rather than jumpers for goalposts (thank you, Paul Whitehouse!)
  • Wider variety of fruit for tuck shop
  • Each class has two trips per year
  • ICT day to explore lots of APPs and programmes


We will continue to use these ideas as we move through the year and they will be shared with all staff.