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Christian Values

Our Christian Values are: 







Self-sacrifice is our Christian Value this Spring. Children are exploring stories from the Bible linked to the value and considering what self-sacrifice means in the world today.

Later this term, we will be building on the value of Creation by planting seeds and plants provided by a generous donation to the school. The donated tyres at both sites will be used as raised planters.

Trust is our Christian value for the Autumn term of this new academic year. In class and in worship, children have been learning bible stories linked to the value. In Fig class, children have been learning about figures in black history who have put their trust in God to help others. They enjoyed learning about Harriet Tubman and Martin Luther King Jnr.

Our focus Christian Value during the Summer term of 2016/17 was Creation. Children and staff considered creation within the world and linked the value with our theme for the term 'Let's Go Green.' They also explored Biblical stories linked to the value.

We asked parents to contribute tyres which we have recycled to create raised beds to grow flowers, herbs and plants. We were inundated with them and spent time with families painting the tyres beautiful colours (July) ready to be used Spring term 2018. A kind donation will be used to buy the plants and flowers. Mr Woodcock also put his woodwork skills to super use and created raised beds for the gardening club to plant vegatables. By the Autumn term, and ready for the Blyton Horticultural Society Show, we had an abundance of marrows and pumpkins growing over the playground!

Our Christian Value for Spring 2017 was Thankfulness. The Collective Worship Council introduced 'thank you' cards and encouraged all members of the school community to write cards to express their thanks. You will see many of these cards around the school.
The Christian Value focus for the Autumn Term was Hope. Children throughout the school focused on the biblical story of Noah and also used children's books linked to this story. 

HOPE - 911 Remembered: A study of New York in pencil by Year 6

HOPE - 911 Remembered: A study of New York in pencil by Year 6 1
HOPE - 911 Remembered: A study of New York in pencil by Year 6 2
HOPE - 911 Remembered: A study of New York in pencil by Year 6 3
Children in Year 6 have been reading the story 'The  Survivor Tree' based on the events of 911. They have considered how the book relates to the Christian Value of Hope and then created stunning pencil sketches of the city as a sign of respect to those who died.