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Carbon Ambassadors

Monday 4th October 2017

Carbon Ambassadors

Hello, we are the school's Carbon Ambassadors, Kyra, Lennon and Jack; we are in Clover class.


Our job is to try to help the school save as much electricity as we can and reduce its carbon footprint.  We are going to do this by encouraging others and ourselves to turn the lights and whiteboards off to save money. We do a survey of the school sites at the start of the year to see where we may be able to reduce our energy costs. Once a year we hold a 'Switch Off Day' where we see if we can manage on limited electricity.


We are going to make this year better than all the past years.

Keep reading this blog to see what we are up to.

The Eco-Group.


10th February 2017


The start of the year saw an increase in the volume of electricity the school was using, but our work is definitely having an impact now. (Even Mr Duke has got maximum marks twice since Christmas!)


"The children are doing a wonderful job at keeping me in check and making sure I consider the environment. The reason I am now switching my light off regularly when I pop out of the room, is because I know the team are keeping an eye on me. Quite rightly. It is not only good for the environment, but a money saver." Mr Duke